The New Era
  • The New Era

    The new era is a very fast and fun board. This swallow tail with wings is a short board. It has a dip single concave to vee in the tail for top speed in slow, mushy conditions. You can really Lean on that higher rocker throughout each turn. The surfer can actually turn with lots of confidence in very tight arcs. 
    The new era board also has a very a flat deck profile which allow you to carry more volume. This design gives you the great ability to catch every wave easily along with having stability when riding every wave. 
    The single concave is deeper then usual.
    It's designed to be faster in weaker conditions as well as allowing the board to track and plan on the center part of the rail line. 
    The winged swallow tail breaks up the deep concave and releases the water in tight turns. 
    The nose rocker is pretty flat which allows the board to get more speed in average conditions as well as tons of paddle power. The new era board design will become the high performance more for every day surfing. 
    Can come with 5 fin set to enjoy both worlds: Quad or tri fin.

    Change the World, One big turn at a time!

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