• Sonic

    The sonic is the best board for free surfing. This board has enough volume for any condition. 
    With a Wider nose and wider tail. The boards single concave gives speed with some V out the back. With this, you have rail to rail transition and a bit wider through the nose and tail. This board is faster down the line, has increased rail to rail transition, & is more stable when your booting your airs. 
    Super user friendly. This is the board to surf from 2' to over head high. 
    The sonic provides a skatey feel but the wider tail refinement allows for slightly more back foot sensitivity. 
    This board come with 5 fins setup allow the surfer to choose faster board with quad fin set or a traditional tru fin set. 
    The Surfer can enjoy both worlds. 
    You should ride this board 2-3" below the surfers height!

    Get Sonic with It!!

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