AYO Surfboards Big D
  • Big D

    The big D is a combination of the traditional surfboard & a modern performance surfboard. This board will suit beginners to novice surfer for every day use. 
    The big D is referred as "the one board quiver" for all types of surfing conditions. 
    You can ride this board in 2-3' foot surf & up to 10-12' perfect barrels. 
    The big D has high amount of volume under the chest for easy paddling. This board is designed for flowing through open faces fast and also mushy slow waves. 
    The out line of the big D looks like an old school twin at the nose and a draw back to a narrow rounded pin tail. The wider front outline creates plenty of speed yet the rounded pin tail allows tight turns in the pocket. 
    The rocker @ the big D  is pretty flat,
    although it holds a littel extra lift at the entry which helps when turning in a steeper section or late take offs. 
    The concave runs from single to double to vee at the tail which gives the board great speed and control from rail to rail. 
    Optional 5 fin set to enjoy both worlds. Quad or tri fins. 

    Get Yo "Big D" On!!

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