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A Personal Note from the Owner and Shaper of AYO Surfboards..


As unconventional as it may seem, a surfboard shaper from Israel?  From the start, Erez had an AMAZING beginning tying him strongly to the world of Surfing. Born and raised along the oceanside of Israel, he watched from the waters edge with curiosity!  Feeling inspired, he became one with the ocean, paddling out for the very first time, he has never been a part from it since. With waves and the rhythm of tides, fully connected deeply in his soul, he began his journey in tune with a greater purpose and goal. He has never left his stoke for the water. Picking up the sport at the early age of 13, "I always wanted to be on the top of my game."  In order to do that,  he would travel the World!!

Beginning his journey in Europe, Erez really tuned into surfing at the Hollo beach breaks of Hosogure and Biarritz. 

"I found that getting big barrels opened my eyes to a new perception, and that surfing the world was the life for me."

He began learning about different board designs and technologies. Meeting many people along his travels, he connected with some of his favorite shapers!  This took place in one of the most famous surf locations in the World, Coolangatta Australia! 

In 1998, Erez accumulated enough knowledge that when he got back home, he shaped his first surf board.

In 2001, he moved to Southern California. 

Erez began his career shaping his own boards out of his garage and quickly gained a reputation as an up and coming shaper for great designs!  

Since the very first day of his shaping career, his passion of surfing never left his soul. "I am frequently surfing and testing my own designs.  That way, I can learn what designs work best in certain situations, 

and what does not work.  I put together the perfect surf board collection from Intermediate to Advanced. 

I feel very grateful that I get to share the Love for the Ocean that I have with everyone that wants to give surfing a chance! This way, I know that I'm doing whatever I can to live through service, and God!!" 


AYO surfboards has an epic model for  every skill set and surfing experience.


All of our boards are designed, shaped, and built in California and we are greatly proud of that!!  We use only the best, most innovative materials. They are hand shaped designs,  and always made in the USA!!!

Staying stoked across the 7 Seas!!

See you out in the Lineup!!


AYO in Action



Would you like to get a custom sized or designed board other than the options we have here? Any questions you have, we are here for you. Just send a message and AYO will have an answer.



Tel: 1-833-296-7873




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